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Challenge Match against Nore Bar Society

Our Men and Women come up just short in Kilkenny

The Captain watched in amazement as his team gathered just after 8am  at Kilkenny Golf Club. You could tell they were really up for the task with enquiries as to where cars could be parked safely for the duration of the trip. 

Just after 9am, the pairings set off from the 1st tee content in the knowledge that they had a clear run to the 19th. The only driving to be done was off the well manicured tee boxes.

A few hours later at the 19th, the four best scores from each team were tallied. Oh f…k! Just 3 points short of the ‘Cats’ total of 171. There were rumblings of the match being lost in the dressing room. ‘No point crying over spilt milk’ insisted the Captain. ‘We’ll get them on home ground in the return match-judge me over two legs’ he exclaimed desperately trying to hold onto his Captaincy. 

kilkenny golf clubAll credit to Ben & Tom, Ronan & Barbara and our Tom & Gerry act who again produced the goods. With three other pairings with a consistent 39 points we didn’t let Carnew down. Speaking of Carnew, when I rang home, news of our defeat had already got there- by pigeon I presume! It was their pairing on 50 points that did us, I was informed.

Speaking of 50, our esteemed treasurer marked his half century with a few ballads. I did not know he had it in him although accompanied by one of our hosts on the horn, he came into his own. I trust we will see him on the Tuesday with the seniors from now on.

Next outing in Woodenbridge on Sunday 21st April.