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Byrne Wins First Title at Woodenbridge

Woodenbridge Golf Club

Shane Byrne, son of a less talented golfer and the Society’s main sponsor won with an impressive 40 points. Taking 2nd on the podium and reproducing form of previous years was Peter Deegan. He obviously felt comfortable around the tranquil waters of Avoca unlike Tom Ryan who had his own ‘Meetings of the Waters’. Pat Mc Crea cleared the waters and nestled his ball by the pin and in turn picked up the prize for closest to the pin. Pat did not appear on the Two’s list along with Cousins, Turner and Clinton so his flat stick was obviously to blame.   

Ted Kennedy and Chappy Cousins captured Category 2 and 3 respectively with Jeremy Butler and Richard Cosgrave taking 2nd in the Category. Joe Dempsey was 2nd in Category 1 behind your esteemed captain.

Woodenbridge clubhouseThe day had started out with the Captain disturbed from his slumber with a text from a society member wondering ‘Is the Golf Cancelled?’ When the answer was ‘No’ the response was ‘Oh sweet Jesus this should be fun’.

And it was fun. Oh ye of little faith! As the rain cleared and the sun appeared it was a glorious day up until the last few holes. Nibbling on a toasted special in the comfort of the clubhouse, the captain watched as the rest of the society still on the course scampered for cover from a very heavy shower. He concluded that his misfortune earlier in the year with the elements had taken a turn for the better. Also, the Dubs were in a league final and all was well with the world. 

Next outing 7th September- Macreddin.


Society members are asked to support a Golf Classic for a good cause. Friday 24th May in Courtown-250 euro per team of 4. St Aidan's Services Gorey is a voluntary organisation founded in 1968 by concerned parents and friends. It provides comprehensive services for people with a wide range of disabilities, children with special needs and Day Care for the older person. 

Contact Joe Kenny, if interested.