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Mission Complete- Agent Doyle Completes Task on Captains Day

Captains Prize winner - John DoyleOn a mild October Saturday morning there was only one thing occupying the mind of the special agent. As he attended to a few last minute errands before clocking in for duty, negative thoughts began to occupy his mind. He had been in this situation before and each time he had failed to complete the task. He knew from his professional training that he needed to take a positive approach. He tried to dismiss the negative thoughts but even on the short drive to the course he began to recount the years where he always came up just short.

Four hours later, the mission was complete and a relieved ‘Doyle’-‘John The Barrack Doyle’ 0047 sipped on a cocktail of ale in the knowledge that he had left nothing out there. It was a clinical error free performance and now all he had to do was wait and see if others were up for the challenge.

In the end, ‘Agent 0047’prevailed but there were other noteworthy performances from ‘Agent Dempsey’ on 43 points and ‘Agent Cousins’ completing a hat trick of wins in the Past Captains. Agent Kenny now on another mission in Spain will no doubt be reminiscing on how close he came to capturing his first past captains. A strong field contested the visitor prizes with Agent Cox Byrne completing the task with a strong performance.

The next and final mission of the season takes place in Arklow on 26th October. After this the team will be in the capable hands of ‘Agent Cullen’ who was promoted to ‘Captain’. As with all promotions there will always be those who felt they were overlooked and that they were ready for high office. However, when assessed over the full year, no one should overlook the fact that ‘Agent Cullen’ only comes into his own on the 19th. Agents should be aware from their training that the task is not complete after just 18 and that the often underrated skill sets required in the social settings are just as important. Agent Cullen put in some sterling performances, particularly in Kilkenny, and the captain feels his decision was vindicated as he showed he can(occasionally) play golf by winning the Category 3 prize on the big day.

Many thanks to all members and visitors and particularly committee members for making it an enjoyable day and evening.

Photos and full results are on the website thanks to ‘Technical Agent Shane Byrne.’